Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Effective July 10, 2022. Last updated May 21, 2024.

For Definitions, see Terms of Service, §1.

This page explains how We collect, use, store and protect information from and about You when using Our Services.

1. Collected Information

1.1. Device Information

We may automatically collect and process information about Your device in log files. This includes:

1.2. Page Usage and Performance

We may collect the following site information:

1.3. User-provided Information

If you sign up for a User Account or any other service (for example, mailing lists), we store the information provided by You to provide You with the Service. The minimum required information for a User Account is any username and password and Your email address.

We also store data directly provided by You through Our services. This includes, for example, provided personal data, and uploaded images (profile picture), documents, and other resources.

2. Cookies

2.1. First-Party Cookies

We do not use any first-party cookies except ones absolutely necessary, which, for Our Services, usually only includes session cookies, used for example when You log into any of Our Services with Your User Account. If You disable these, You will not be able to log in, but will still be able to access most of the Services.

2.2. Third-Party Cookies

We do not use any third-party cookies or services.

3. Usage and Sharing of Information

3.1. Service Operation

We use information, especially information described in §1.3, to provide You with the Service. We may also use Your information to contact You in case there is a problem with Your User Account (if applicable), or similar.

3.2. Safety and Security

We may use collected information to protect Our Services, prevent misuse or abuse and to enforce our Terms of Service. For example, collecting IP address data and similar information allows us to identify malicious clients accessing Our Services, and report their suspicious behavior internally.

3.3. Legal Requirements

We may share information we have about You if we are required to do so by a higher authority or the government. We may also share information if We believe that it is necessary to prevent serious damage to a person or business. Situations as described in this section are the only times information about You, described in §1, is transferred outside of Our organization, in which case You will be notified by Us, if possible.

3.4. Improve user experience

We use information, especially information described in §1.1 and §1.2, to improve the user experience on Our websites. For example, by analyzing user behavior on certain websites, we can improve the site's interface design to make it easier for users to interact with it; or by collecting aggregated statistics about the browser version and geolocation of users, we can optimize our websites and infrastructure to create a better experience for these users.

4. Data Retention

We may store the information described on this page for the amount of time we deem necessary. Temporary personal data (e.g. IP address of a visit) will usually be stored no longer than 7 days. Certain other provided information (e.g. account information) is stored until requested to be deleted by You.

If You delete Your own information in Our Services (for example, when terminating Your User Account), it is deleted immediately and permanently. Note that this may not delete all information about You. If You would like to make sure we delete all available information about You, You may contact us and Your data will be deleted within 14 days upon receipt of Your request.

5. Data Security and Third-party services

We care about security, and this includes Your data. All information transferred using HTTPS and SMTPS is encrypted and authenticated using TLS and does not pass unencrypted through any third-party services (e.g. reverse proxy or DDoS protection services), but only through servers fully controlled and monitored by Us. Data stored on our servers have strict software and hardware access controls, and only authorized people may access this data.

6. Applicable Law

All applicable laws in your jurisdiction also apply.

For example, for EU clients, we are bound by the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and therefore you also have all rights provided by the GDPR. This includes, for example, Your right to receive a copy of Your data, to request a correction or deletion of Your data, or the right to withdraw consent.

Temporary personal data is collected on a legitimate interest basis, while other data is required for providing the Services, as described in §3.

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